Joanna and Roger ~ Cuba Destination Wedding

Joanna and Roger are one of the most loving and caring couples I have had the pleasure of meeting. I met the pair through my friends and mentors, Jen and Randy from CJ Photography. Jen and Joanna are sisters.

I was so honored when Jen invited me to tag along with them to J&R’s wedding in Cuba to help with photography and her beautiful little girls. My fiance, Jeff, was able to take time and come join us. Joanna, Roger, their family and friends welcomed Jeff and I with open arms and we had the most amazing time with this very loving group. Nothing better then feeling accepted and to be apart of someone else’s family 🙂 Jeff got to know them all first, as I was ill the first couple days we were there, what a terrible start to the trip. But luckily with a lot of rest and medicine I was feeling better and ready to take on the trip ahead of us.


The beaches were beautiful! The ocean was fantastic! It was magical waking up to the palm trees silhouette through the morning sun. Picking sea shells along the beach when we went for a stroll. Walking from our resort to a local fishing shack to fish in a canal, the heat beating off of the tar made the heat much more intense and harder to bare.



Their wedding day was a gorgeous day, enjoy these photographs!

untitled-6555 untitled-2-2






I also had the opportunity to photograph my first Trash The Dress session




I can’t thank Jen and Randy enough for this amazing adventure and thanks to Joanna and Roger for allowing Jeff and I to tag along and accepting us into your amazing family!




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